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Best Of Moises Caicedo
Best Of Moises Caicedo
Best Of Moises Caicedo
Best Of Moises Caicedo
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Комментарии пользователей:
Itumeleng Nkonyane
2023-08-11 05:37:56

They laughed when we said you know it's gonna happen when 1947 posts a video of the player

Arnold Christian
2023-06-27 22:16:08

If this deal happens we might be cooking 💙🔵

Arinze Ikechukwu
2023-06-24 06:42:17

This guy is a warrior

2023-06-15 15:39:35

He is good but no where near Kante level. Man i miss the old Kante. Now he leaving Chelsea too!

Adeyemi Opeyemi lukman
2023-06-10 12:40:29

I wonder when arsenal fans will stop with this worth the money or not attitude .... If u really want to be a champion u should be ready to spend 🤔

عبدالله حالي
2023-06-09 10:53:27

Beat so good also icon player 100%

2023-05-27 06:34:38

Man u should get this guy not mount

James Rumbah
2023-05-05 05:43:20

Not human caicedo😅

Moha Albashir
2023-04-19 11:55:57

Hope he joins man utd what a fantastic player

Mafiction TV 📺
2023-04-09 03:50:38

I like him but let’s be honest, he’s still miles behind Partey.

Erdi Karalar
2023-04-05 12:58:12

Brighton takımının en yüksek çıkışyapan oyuncusu oldu değer fiyat olarak. teklif gelebilir avrupa'dan bu isme. merkez orta saha oyuncusu 21 yaşında . 60-70 milyon euro bandında ister Brighton

2023-03-25 01:36:35

Es enserió vale 55 millones ...

Angus Young
2023-03-22 00:41:57

Other than Bellingham Liverpool should buy Moises Caicedo

Ruler Bip
2023-03-20 15:10:08

Neby keta

Philip Enojasun
2023-03-12 07:26:48

Just imagine this guy and partey in that midfield... Jeez

Mouez Ahmed
2023-01-31 07:26:04

Thomas party minimum

Michael Lummy
2023-01-31 04:10:04

Wow this is a beast building up.. I love him. He's good. Talent. 🔥🔥🔥

Daniel Ochola
2023-01-30 23:22:55

This guy is no good

Orange 🍊 Juice
2023-01-30 22:19:58

This guy alongside Casemiro, it’s over for the premier league!
Why isn’t Man UTD making a bid??

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