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AIDS 101 | National Geographic


About 37 million people around the world are currently living with AIDS. Learn how the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) causes AIDS, where HIV may have originated, and how AIDS has become one of the worst pandemics in modern history. ➡ Subscribe: 🤍 #NationalGeographic #AIDS #Educational About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 AIDS 101 | National Geographic 🤍 National Geographic 🤍

HIV & AIDS - signs, symptoms, transmission, causes & pathology


We want to know how YOU learn by Osmosis. Click the link to win free prime and more! 🤍 Hundreds of thousands of current & future clinicians learn by Osmosis. We have unparalleled tools and materials to prepare you to succeed in school, on board exams, and as a future clinician. Sign up for a free trial at 🤍 Subscribe to our Youtube channel at 🤍 Get early access to our upcoming video releases, practice questions, giveaways, and more when you follow us on social media: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Our Vision: Everyone who cares for someone will learn by Osmosis. Our Mission: To empower the world’s clinicians and caregivers with the best learning experience possible. Learn more here: 🤍 Medical disclaimer: Knowledge Diffusion Inc (DBA Osmosis) does not provide medical advice. Osmosis and the content available on Osmosis's properties (, YouTube, and other channels) do not provide a diagnosis or other recommendation for treatment and are not a substitute for the professional judgment of a healthcare professional in diagnosis and treatment of any person or animal. The determination of the need for medical services and the types of healthcare to be provided to a patient are decisions that should be made only by a physician or other licensed health care provider. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you have regarding a medical condition.

Aids - Everything you need to know


When you get infected with the HIV virus, you can get AIDS, which stands for 'acquired immune deficiency syndrome'. This means that you have a deficient immune system. This animation explains how you can get infected with the HIV virus and what it means when you are 'sero positive'. It also explains the different disease stages and possible treatment options. Healthchannel makes complex medical information easy to understand. With 2D and 3D animations checked by medical doctors, we give information on certain diseases: what is it, wat are the causes and how is it treated? Subscribe to our Youtube channel and learn more about your health! Healthchannel Youtube channel: 🤍 Subscribe here: 🤍 Have a look at our other channel as well: 🤍 🤍 Thanks for watching! Don't forget to like our video and leave a comment.

From The Archive: Early days of AIDS crisis in San Francisco in 1982


On this World AIDS Day, we take a look back at the growing AIDS crisis in the San Francisco Bay Area with this story from December 10, 1982. Story: 🤍 #aids #hiv #worldaidsday

Medical Animation: HIV and AIDS


To learn more about licensing this video for content marketing or patient education purposes, visit: 🤍 This video, created by Nucleus Medical Media, shows the function of white blood cells in normal immunity. It also portrays how the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) affects the immune system and causes acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). Common types of antiretroviral medications used to treat HIV and AIDS are also shown. #HIV #AIDS #HumanImmunodeficiencyVirus ANH13111

Last living Ray brother diagnosed with AIDS in late 1980s passes away


The last living brother who, along with his two siblings was diagnosed with AIDS in the late 1980s, passed away early Thursday morning. Randy Ray, 43, died in his sleep after his health began deteriorating during the last few months, family members told FOX 13. More: 🤍 FOX 13 Tampa Bay brings you the important videos like breaking news, Tampa Bay weather, and local stories. But also plenty of fun stuff, like 'We Live Here' tips, the best of our archives, and all those 'only-in-Florida' stories. Subscribe to FOX 13 News: 🤍 Watch more FOX 13 News video: 🤍 Watch FOX 13 News live: 🤍 Download our app: 🤍 Get our newsletter: 🤍

AIDS - Wat zijn de symptomen en waaruit bestaat de behandeling?


🤍 In deze animatie leggen we uit wat AIDS is en hoe je een HIV-besmetting kunt oplopen. We vertellen via welke 4 stadia de ziekte verloopt en welke symptomen bij elk stadium horen. Tot slot bespreken we hoe AIDS behandeld kan worden en hoe je besmetting zelf kunt voorkomen. Gezondheidsplein maakt complexe medische informatie begrijpelijk. Met door artsen gecontroleerde animaties geven we uitleg over aandoeningen: wat is het, hoe ontstaat het en wat kun je er tegen doen. Ook laten we in specialisten aan het woord die antwoord geven op vragen over ziektes. Verder komen ook patiënten aan bod die laten zien hoe zij met hun ziekte omgaan. Abonneer je dus op ons videokanaal met wekelijks nieuwe uploads! Zo blijf je op de hoogte van alle gezondheidsontwikkelingen! Gezondheidsplein YouTube Kanaal: 🤍 Abonneer je hier: 🤍 Ontvang nog meer gezondheidsinformatie hier: Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Google +: 🤍 Leuk dat je keek! En vergeet niet onze video te liken en een reactie achter te laten. Vertel ons of je de video nuttig vond en laat een reactie achter.

Looking Back On 40 Years Of The AIDS Epidemic


Since June 1981, AIDS has claimed more than 700,000 lives in the U.S. and today more than 1.1 million people in America are living with HIV. As TODAY kicks off its observance of LGBTQ+ Pride Month, men living with HIV share their perspectives with NBC New Now anchor Joe Fryer. » Subscribe to TODAY: 🤍 » Watch the latest from TODAY: 🤍 About: TODAY brings you the latest headlines and expert tips on money, health and parenting. We wake up every morning to give you and your family all you need to start your day. If it matters to you, it matters to us. We are in the people business. Subscribe to our channel for exclusive TODAY archival footage & our original web series. Connect with TODAY Online! Visit TODAY's Website: 🤍 Find TODAY on Facebook: 🤍 Follow TODAY on Twitter: 🤍 Follow TODAY on Instagram: 🤍 #PrideMonth #LGBTQ #HIV

30 Years with AIDS


HIV has changed our world since its discovery 30 years ago. Bob Blackford, who has lived with HIV for 28 years shares his story. Humankind: Amazing moments that give us hope ➤ 🤍 Humankind: Stories worth sharing ➤ 🤍 Just the FAQs ➤ 🤍 Animalkind ➤ 🤍 The Wall ➤ 🤍

Dallas Buyers Club (2013) - 'You Tested Positive for HIV' Clip


Dallas Buyers Club (2013) - 'You Tested Positive for HIV' Clip Electrician and rodeo cowboy Ron Woodroof (Matthew McConaughey) is diagnosed with HIV AIDS and given 30 days to live. Subscribe to Focus Features: 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 #DallasBuyersClub #MatthewMcConaughey

AIDS: Mitos, verdades, prevenção e tratamento // Viver Bem


Existe muito preconceito quando o assunto é AIDS, mas você sabe o que realmente é mito ou verdade sobre o assunto? Juntamente com a infectologista Mônica Façanha, nossa apresentadora, Ingrid Machado, vai falar sobre transmissão e tratamento do HIV. Acompanhe! //Assuntos Relacionados: AIDS: sintomas, fases e tratamento - 🤍 Mitos e verdades sobre a AIDS - 🤍 Papo Unimed esclarece dúvidas sobre Aids e DSTs - 🤍 // Quer acessar mais conteúdos como esse? Confira o nosso Blog Viver Bem: 🤍 // Baixe o APP Minha Unimed Cliente: 🤍 // Já viu o novo Clube de Vantagens Mais? Acesse: 🤍

História da aids no Brasil


Em palestra de 2011, dr. Drauzio falou sobre como percebeu que a aids se tornaria uma epidemia, o trabalho no Carandiru e os obstáculos para a prevenção da doença. Com o avanço do tratamento para aids, muitos perderam o medo, principalmente os jovens. Imagens inéditas da aids no Carandiru gravadas pelo próprio dr. Drauzio com detentos portadores do HIV mostram o que a doença é capaz de fazer e alertam para a importância de continuar atento à prevenção. Assista também | Teste para HIV nas farmácias: 🤍 Site: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍sitedrauziovarella Realização: 🤍

Wat is aids?


Steentje voor steentje wordt je immuunsysteem afgebroken en als je niet wordt behandeld, krijg je uiteindelijk aids.

Cientistas acreditam ter encontrado a origem da aids - 03/10/2014


Veja mais notícias em: 🤍

O viru HIV a nemoci AIDS – NEZkreslená věda I


opravená verze videa z roku 2014 #NEZkreslenaVeda #NEZkreslena_veda #NEZkreslenávěda #NEZkreslená_věda #akademievedCR Nezkreslená věda - vzdělávací cyklus Akademie věd ČR Odborným garantem tohoto dílu se stal Mgr. Jan Weber, CSc., Ústav organické chemie a biochemie AV ČR, v. v. i. Komentář namluvil Pavel Liška.

Aids | Podcast Outras Histórias


Do surgimento da doença ao desenvolvimento de tratamentos eficazes, a epidemia da aids nos ensinou como é importante seguir a ciência. Site: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Realização: 🤍 Assista também: Comentando Comentários: 🤍 Coronavírus: 🤍 Drauzio Dichava: 🤍 Escute nossos podcasts: DrauzioCast: 🤍 Outras Histórias: 🤍 Por Que Dói?: 🤍 Entrementes: 🤍 Saúde Sem Tabu: 🤍



Uma pessoa com o vírus do HIV pode passar muito tempo sem desenvolver os sintomas, e isso pode vir a se tornar AIDS se não for tratado. Hoje, você descobre mais sobre o tema com as informações do infectologista Ricardo Vasconcelos. (CRM: 116.119) - Contato: canaldoutorajuda🤍 Curta no Facebook: 🤍 Site oficial: 🤍 Inscreva-se no canal: 🤍 Vídeos novos toda quarta às 11h! Está sentindo algo fora do normal? Não sabe se deve procurar um médico? O Dr. Ajuda é o canal para entender os seus sintomas e que caminho seguir.

Aids: sintomas e diagnóstico


A Aids pode levar até 10 anos para se manifestar no organismo. Assista à reportagem de Adriane Zimerer e saiba como descobrir se você está infectado pelo vírus HIV. INSCREVA-SE e receba nossos vídeos com dicas de saúde, alimentação, fitness, família, bem-estar e receitas. Tire suas dúvidas e saiba como pode ser gostoso cuidar melhor da sua vida! ;) - Você curte cuidar da sua vida? Melhore sua qualidade de vida com as dicas do maior portal de saúde e bem-estar do Brasil. Você escolhe como receber nossas dicas: Youtube: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Google +: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 E-mail: 🤍 🤍

Doctor explains skin conditions associated with HIV / AIDS (e.g. Kaposi sarcoma, candida & more)


Doctor O'Donovan covers certain skin conditions which can be associated with HIV / AIDS. In this video we will cover: (a) A brief outline of what HIV is (b) Why recognition of skin disease is important in HIV (c) Outlining the some of the common and important types of skin disease affecting patients with HIV or AIDS (with clinical photos) For more information, see these validated and recognised websites: NHS: 🤍 Patient information: 🤍 Credits - DermNET: 🤍 This video was developed using the following NICE guidelines: 🤍 PLEASE REMEMBER TO LIKE, COMMENT AND SUBSCRIBE (NEW MEDICAL EDUCATION VIDEOS EVERY WEDNESDAY & SUNDAY) Connect through: YouTube: 🤍​ Instagram: 🤍doctorodonovan Twitter: 🤍doctorodonovan Disclaimer: The video is intended as an educational resource only. The information within this video or on this channel isn't designed to replace professional input, so if you have any medical issues please consult a medical provider. No professional relationship is being created by watching this video. Dr. O’Donovan cannot give any individual medical advice. All information should be verified for accuracy by the individual user. Dr O’Donovan accepts no responsibility for individual interpretation of data, although it is always accurate to the best of his knowledge at the time of the video being published. This is not clinical advice, it is a medical education resource.

An aggressive treatment for AIDS | 60 Minutes Archive


From 1997, the story of Dr. Mahlon Johnson, a neuropathologist at Vanderbilt Medical Center, who was infected with the AIDS virus when he cut himself while performing an autopsy. Dr. Johnson immediately began an aggressive treatment, that proved effective. Dr. Anthony Fauci makes one of his first 60 Minutes appearances in this report. #News #60Minutes #AIDS "60 Minutes" is the most successful television broadcast in history. Offering hard-hitting investigative reports, interviews, feature segments and profiles of people in the news, the broadcast began in 1968 and is still a hit, over 50 seasons later, regularly making Nielsen's Top 10. Subscribe to the “60 Minutes” YouTube channel: 🤍 Watch full episodes: 🤍 Get more “60 Minutes” from “60 Minutes: Overtime”: 🤍 Follow “60 Minutes” on Instagram: 🤍 Like “60 Minutes” on Facebook: 🤍 Follow “60 Minutes” on Twitter: 🤍 Subscribe to our newsletter: 🤍 Download the CBS News app: 🤍 Try Paramount+ free: 🤍 For video licensing inquiries, contact: licensing🤍

1985 "AIDS: An Incredible Epidemic" by San Francisco General Hospital


Doctors from Ward 5B and Ward 5A at San Francisco General Hospital were at the front line of the AIDS crisis. In 1985 they produced a VHS video to share information about symptoms of AIDS and what health care workers would experience as they worked with patients. The San Francisco History Center at the Main Library has several collections that document the city's response to the AIDS epidemic, including the San Francisco General Hospital AIDS Ward 5B/5A Archives: 🤍 Rights: Permission to use this film commercially must be obtained from the San Francisco History Center, San Francisco Public Library. 🤍 When using this film please credit SAN FRANCISCO HISTORY CENTER, SAN FRANCISCO PUBLIC LIBRARY.

Những cuộc đời nhiễm HIV/AIDS giai đoạn cuối| VTC14


VTC14 |NHỮNG CUỘC ĐỜI NHIỄM HIV/AIDS GIAI ĐOẠN CUỐI Theo thống kê Cục phòng chống HIV/AIDS, tại Việt Nam, mỗi năm phát hiện thêm khoảng 14.000 người nhiễm HIV. Đến nay, nước ta có khoảng 256.000 người đang sống chung với HIV. 📢 Tải phần mềm VTC Now trên iOS và Android để tiện theo dõi các thông tin hữu ích hàng ngày, hàng giờ 🏷️ 🤍

O que é a Aids?


A Aids é uma doença que ataca o sistema imunológico do organismo. Assista ao vídeo e saiba como o vírus HIV age no corpo e como acontece o contágio.

FOX 13 Archive: Florida teen battles HIV acquired from transfusion


In 1992, FOX 13's Kelly Ring interviewed a teen who contracted HIV and developed AIDS after a blood transfusion. Ricky Ray and his family made their battle with the disease public. From the hospital, Ricky Ray made a public plea to newly elected President Bill Clinton to help AIDS patients. Story: 🤍 FOX 13 Tampa Bay brings you the important videos like breaking news, Tampa Bay weather, and local stories. But also plenty of fun stuff, like 'We Live Here' tips, the best of our archives, and all those 'only-in-Florida' stories. Subscribe to FOX 13 News: 🤍 Watch more FOX 13 News video: 🤍 Watch FOX 13 News live: 🤍 Download our app: 🤍 Get our newsletter: 🤍

Pouco se fala de uma outra pandemia: a de Aids


Em tempos de covid, pouco se fala de uma outra pandemia: a de Aids. Os primeiros casos de HIV foram descobertos há 40 anos. Desde então, a ciência busca tratamentos mais eficazes e as pessoas que vivem com o vírus procuram mais qualidade de vida.  Conheça a programação da sua TV Brasil: 🤍 Siga a TV Brasil nas redes sociais: Facebook - 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 TikTok - 🤍

HIV vs AIDS difference | HIV aur AIDS kya hota hai? | HIV aur AIDS me antar


HIV vs AIDS difference | HIV aur AIDS kya hota hai? | HIV aur AIDS me antar - This lecture explains about the difference between hiv and aids. In this video, we'll explore the differences between HIV and AIDS. We'll learn about the different causes, symptoms and treatments for both HIV and AIDS, and how to stay safe and healthy. If you're new to HIV or AIDS, or if you just want to know more about the different types of HIV and AIDS, this is the video for you! We'll explore the differences between HIV and AIDS and help you understand the basics of both diseases. By the end of this video, you'll have a better understanding of HIV and AIDS and the importance of education and prevention! In this video, we will discuss the HIV vs AIDS difference. We will look at the basics of HIV and AIDS and understand the difference between the two diseases. At the end of this video, you will understand the difference between HIV and AIDS and be able to answer the question, "HIV vs AIDS: what's the difference?" What is the difference between HIV and AIDS? In this video, we'll answer this question and more! HIV and AIDS are two very different diseases with different causes and treatments. In this video, we'll explore the differences between HIV and AIDS and explain why they're such a big deal. We'll also give you some tips on how to protect yourself from HIV and AIDS, and what to do if you think you may be infected. So watch this video to learn more about HIV and AIDS and their differences! In this video, we will explore the difference between HIV and AIDS in simple language. We will also discuss the symptoms, treatments and prevention of HIV and AIDS. If you want to know more about HIV and AIDS, then this is the video for you! We'll discuss the difference between HIV and AIDS in simple language, and answer some of the most common questions about HIV and AIDS. If you're curious about HIV and AIDS and want to learn more, then this is the video for you! In this video, we'll answer the question: HIV vs AIDS - what's the difference? We'll also discuss the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS. If you're familiar with HIV and AIDS, but want to know more about the difference between HIV and AIDS, then this video is for you! We'll discuss the different aspects of HIV and AIDS, and help you understand the key differences between the two diseases. Join, Shomu's Biology csir net life science online coaching - 🤍 Get Shomu's Biology CSIR NET life science study materials here- 🤍 Download the study materials here- 🤍 Remember Shomu’s Biology is created to spread the knowledge of life science and biology by sharing all this free biology lectures video and animation presented by Suman Bhattacharjee in YouTube. All these tutorials are brought to you for free. Please subscribe to our channel so that we can grow together. You can check for any of the following services from Shomu’s Biology- Buy Shomu’s Biology lecture DVD set- 🤍 Shomu’s Biology assignment services – 🤍 -help Join Online coaching for CSIR NET exam – 🤍 We are social. Find us on different sites here- Our Website – 🤍 Facebook page- 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 SlideShare- 🤍 Google plus- 🤍 LinkedIn - 🤍 Youtube- 🤍 Thank you for watching the lecture on HIV vs AIDS difference | HIV aur AIDS kya hota hai?.

Hiv - Aids Nasıl Anlaşılır? - Uzm. Dr. Şafak Göktaş


Uzm. Dr. Şafak Göktaş - Hiv - Aids Nasıl Anlaşılır? - Özel Göztepe Hastanesi - 0216 565 40 65 - 🤍

AIDS - História do HIV


🎯 Agende Sua Consulta Agora (Online ou Presencial)! 🤍 00:00 – História do HIV Confira neste vídeo toda a história do vírus HIV, desde como foi transmitido para o ser humano, até os dias atuais. Veja os primeiros medicamentos para HIV, a identificação do vírus AIDS, quando começou o movimento HIV, sintomas do HIV, tratamento da AIDS e muito mais. 02:00 – Vírus HIV no mundo No âmbito mundial, cerca de 37 milhões de pessoas vivem com HIV, de acordo com as estatísticas de 2020, publicadas pela Unaids. Destas, 1,5 milhão foram infectadas recentemente e 70% possuem acesso à terapia antirretroviral. Confira todo o aspecto mundial do vírus HIV. 03:14 – Vírus HIV no Brasil Atualmente, cerca de 920 mil pessoas vivem com HIV no Brasil. Dessas, 89% foram diagnosticadas, 77% fazem tratamento com antirretroviral e 94% das pessoas em tratamento não transmitem o HIV por via sexual por terem atingido carga viral indetectável. Confira todos os detalhes sobre o HIV no Brasil. 10:15 – Tratamento para AIDS Os medicamentos antirretrovirais surgiram na década de 1980 para impedir a multiplicação do HIV no organismo. Esses medicamentos ajudam a evitar o enfraquecimento do sistema imunológico. Não existe cura para a AIDS, mas uma adesão estrita aos regimes antirretrovirais pode retardar significativamente o progresso da doença, bem como prevenir infecções secundárias e complicações. Neste Vídeo: História do HIV Vírus HIV no mundo Vírus HIV no Brasil Tratamento para AIDS Como identificar o HIV Sintomas da AIDS E muito mais Me acompanhe nos outros canais: Site: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Inscreva-se no canal para saber tudo sobre Infectologia, Doenças Infectocontagiosas, HIV, Hepatites, DSTs, Vacinas, Sífilis e muito mais. #hiv #aids #infectologia #infectologista #DraKeillaFreitas

HIV AIDS: Signs, Symptoms, Treatment | Max Hospital


HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is a virus that attacks the body’s immune system, making it more vulnerable to opportunist viral and fungal infections. Dr. Ajay Kumar Gupta (🤍 Associate Director – Internal Medicine at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Vaishali, talks about HIV, and the social stigma surrounding HIV & AIDS. Watch the full video to learn more. #MaxHospital #MaxHealthcare #HIVAids #HIVcure 0.00 - Introduction 0.17 - About HIV AIDS 0.46 - Common myths about HIV & AIDS 1.18 - Types and Stages of HIV 1.22 – What is Acute HIV infection? 1.35 - Symptoms of HIV 2.03 - What is Chronic HIV infection? 2.20 - Difference between HIV & AIDS 3.14 - About AIDS 3.25 – HIV associated opportunistic infections 4.03 - Importance of screening and diagnosis for HIV 4.59 - Management of HIV & AIDS 5.14 - Factors that increase HIV risk 6.24 - Common misconceptions about AIDS 7.54 - Conclusion Disclaimer - The information in this video was accurate as of the shoot date (05.09.22) and upload date (30.11.2022). For information purposes only. Consult your local medical authority for advice Follow Max Healthcare on social media to get latest updates: 🤍 🤍 🤍

AIDS - Flashdica #26 - Maratona Enem - Prof. Gui


Gostou da aula? É muito importante o seu apoio neste projeto. Contribua com a manutenção desta série inscrevendo-se no canal e deixando o like. A AIDS, sigla para Síndrome da Imunodeficiência Adquirida, é um quadro sintomático decorrente da ação do vírus HIV (Vírus da Imunodeficiência Humana). Seus casos têm aumentado de modo alarmante em todo o país e esta temática merece especial atenção no ENEM por se tratar de uma questão de saúde pública. #doenças #biologia #enem ⭐ INSTAGRAM: 🤍gogoulart (🤍 ⭐ FACEBOOK: 🤍 ⭐ BLOG: 🤍 ⭐ EDITOR: 🤍renanguex (🤍

HIV/Aids: o que é, formas de contágio, tratamento e sintomas | Educação em Saúde Einstein


Você sabe de fato o que é o vírus do HIV/Aids? Neste vídeo da série do Einstein sobre Educação em Saúde, falamos a fundo sobre o impacto desse vírus no organismo, os principais sintomas e as formas de contágio. Além disso, também apresentamos o cenário atual sobre os tratamentos. Em constante evolução, hoje já permitem uma qualidade de vida muito maior para os portadores da Aids. Aperte o play e vamos aprender! #Einstein #HIV #Aids

780 mil pessoas no Brasil são portadoras do vírus da Aids


E quase cento e trinta mil não sabem que estão infectados   Ver episodio: 🤍

FROM THE ARCHIVE: Early Coverage of AIDS Epidemic on Ch. 5


Here is a sampling of Channel 5's coverage of AIDS from 1982, 1985, and 1990. The first segment, from July 14, 1982, is believed to be Channel 5's first mention of the illness on air. Note that when AIDS first emerged, it was referred to as a mystery illness, the so-called gay plague, and more. Some of the terms used in the initial reporting are now considered offensive. Subscribe to FOX 5 NY: 🤍 (🤍 Watch FOX 5 NY Live: 🤍 FOX 5 NY delivers breaking news, live events, investigations, politics, entertainment, business news and local stories from New York City and across the nation. Watch more FOX 5 NY on YouTube: Black Entrepreneurs: 🤍 STREET SOLDIERS with LISA EVERS: 🤍 A.I. ALL IN: 🤍 Finding Faith: 🤍 The Big Idea: 🤍 Download the FOX 5 NY News app: 🤍 Download the FOX 5 NY Weather app: 🤍 Follow FOX 5 NY on Facebook: 🤍 Follow FOX 5 NY on Twitter: 🤍 Follow FOX 5 NY on Instagram: 🤍 Subscribe to the Good Day NY Morning Brief newsletter: 🤍

AIDS | Transmissão, sintomas e prevenção


Desde 1980, os tratamentos para AIDS evoluíram muito e possibilitam que diversas pessoas soropositivas tenham mais qualidade de vida. Contudo, uma cura ainda não existe e é preciso se prevenir para evitar contrair e espalhar o vírus. No vídeo de hoje, o Dr. Gilberto Turcato aborda os principais mitos e verdades e esclarece dúvidas sobre sintomas, formas de prevenção e a transmissão do HIV. Confira! Para obter um bom prognóstico e tratamento, é essencial ter acompanhamento médico. Nosso corpo clínico é formado por profissionais capacitados e prontos para atender todas suas necessidades. Agende uma consulta através do link: 🤍aloswaldo... A informação presente neste vídeo é correta na data do upload: 01/12/2022. Conteúdo apenas para fins educativos. Consulte o seu médico para aconselhamento profissional.

Sintomas iniciais do HIV / AIDS


Conheça os primeiros sinais e sintomas da HIV / AIDS. #hiv #aids

Those People: AIDS in the Public Mind (KQED Current Affairs Department, 1987)


Documents the lives of a number of San Franciscans living with AIDS/ARC who have tried to face society's terror and paranoia. Shows the efforts of friends and families of AIDS victims who steadfastly support their loved ones, the efforts of the Shanti Project to provide physical and psychological services to AIDS/ARC victims, and the personal efforts of Bobby Reynolds who has confronted society's fears through his writings and speeches. Learn more about the National Library of Medicine's historical audiovisuals program at: 🤍

HIV nasıl bulaşır? HIV'den nasıl korunabiliriz? | 1 Aralık Dünya AIDS Günü


Pozitif-iz Derneği'nden Önder Bora, HIV virüsünden nasıl korunabileceğimizi aktardı. 1 Aralık Dünya AIDS Günü'nde HIV ve AIDS hakkında daha fazlasını öğrenmek istersen "HIV+ olmak" videomuza kanal sayfamızdan ulaşabilirsin.

HIV/AIDS-Videoaula (Resumo)


Diferença entre HIV e Aids, sintomas e tratamento. Agradeço muito a todos que se inscrevem no canal e fortalecem o ensino. Obrigada pela comprometimento. = #hiveaids #hivtratamento #aidssintomas #pep #prev

Choroby zakaźne: HIV/ AIDS


Dzisiaj co nieco o wirusie HIV! Jeśli bardzo podobają Ci się filmy i chciałbyś wesprzeć mnie w tworzeniu ogólnodostępnych materiałów, które pomogą studentom medycyny w nauce, zajrzyj na moje konto Patronite i dołóż cegiełkę do tworzenia nowoczesnej edukacji medycznej w Polsce! 🤍 Film opracowany na podstawie: Interna Szczeklika - mały podręcznik 2019/2020 - P. Gajewski, MP, Kraków 2019 "Pediatria tom 2" - Kawalec. W, Grenda R., Kulus M., PZWL, Warszawa 2018 *Filmy się podobają? - Zasubskrybuj kanał, aby być na bieżąco! *Chcesz słuchać odcinków w drodze do szkoły czy pracy? - Słuchaj nas na Spotify: 🤍 - i Apple Podcasts: 🤍 *Szukasz więcej informacji? Wejdź na: 🤍 *W poszukiwaniu notatek odwiedź naszego Bloga: 🤍 *Chcesz wiedzieć co u mnie słychać i jak nagrywanie odcinków wygląda od kuchni? Wpadnij na mojego Instagrama: 🤍 #medycyna #chorobyzakaźne #infekcja

HIV ve AIDS Nedir? (Sağlık Bilgisi ve Tıp)


AIDS, ilk kez 1980’lerin başında Afrika’da gündeme gelen ve giderek ürkütücü boyutlara ulaşan, etkeni HIV (İngilizce: Human Immunodeficiency Virus / Türkçe: İnsan bağışıklık yetmezliği virüsü) olan bir enfeksiyon hastalığıdır. HIV, bağışıklık sistemindeki akyuvarların yapısını bozarak ve sayısını azaltarak vücudun enfeksiyonlara karşı direncini ortadan kaldırır. Her gün en yeni eğitim videolarını ilk izleyen olmak için kanalımıza abone olun. Ders videolarını konu başlıklarına göre sıralı olarak izlemek için websitemizi ziyaret edin: 🤍 52 dilde 130 milyon öğrencinin faydalandığı, dünyanın en büyük ücretsiz öğrenme platformu Khan Academy’de, matematikten sanat tarihine, ekonomiden fen bilimlerine, basit toplamadan diferansiyel denklemlere, ilkokul seviyesinden üniversite seviyesine her yaş için binlerce ders videosu, konu anlatımı, soru çözümü, interaktif alıştırma ve daha fazlasına tamamen ücretsiz ve reklamsız olarak ulaşabilirsiniz. Tek Bir Şeyi Bilmelisin: #HerŞeyiÖğrenebilirsin * * * Khan Academy Türkçe Eğitimde fırsat eşitliği için herkese, her yerde, dünya standartlarında ve ücretsiz eğitim. 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 🤍 #KhanAcademyTürkçe #Sağlık #KhanAcademy #UzaktanEğitim #OnlineEğitim #Okul #Ders * * * Khan Academy’nin İngilizce ve diğer dillerdeki dersleri için: 🤍 What is HIV and AIDS? 🤍

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