Off Grid Mom Builds Her Own Home // a day in the life

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Off Grid Mom Builds Her Own Home // a day in the life
Off Grid Mom Builds Her Own Home // a day in the life
Off Grid Mom Builds Her Own Home // a day in the life
Off Grid Mom Builds Her Own Home // a day in the life
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AllaYura ZM
2023-07-25 02:57:52

Can i visit you?

Julie Becker
2023-07-11 12:20:32

Great video can’t wait to see the finished bathroom hi Sadie you are to cute from Qld Australia

Katrina Joyce
2023-07-09 16:39:39

I’m totally love how you all stop to look at those beautiful sunsets ❤❤

John West
2023-07-05 18:06:21

Not red for the door (that was all the rage fad in the States a few years ago)- my vote is a Terra Cotta Orange like your floor tiles in the patio area! (But if not that and you are stuck on red -- at least make it a Burnt Orange which is kinda a type of red .)

Marilyn Howard
2023-06-03 13:25:25

Jordan is a really good editor and your a wonderful mama to precious Sadie ❤

2023-05-28 08:25:34

An hour to two hours sounds like my afternoon nap

Wild We Roam
2023-05-22 17:45:56

so beautiful to watch your family flourish :) thank you for being such a big inspiration for us! also completely astounded by what you were able to get done in 4 hours !!!!!!!!!!!

Jennifer Dewitt
2023-05-14 01:02:41

Next time, put the tomatoes in the corners, and interplant the other things between. It will help with pests. Also think about planting basil under the tomatoes- it helps with the flavor of the tomatoes.

JA Fleetwood
2023-05-09 02:55:33

Why not paint the door the tan/ beige color too

Robyn VandenArend
2023-05-02 22:33:02

Leave the door green I love it the way it is!!

Mari Hassinen
2023-05-02 10:31:30

Am I actually only one to think that green door looks so good with all that beige 🤔

kelsi 👹
2023-04-30 16:32:21

I really appreciate the language Kaylee uses surrounding motherhood. For the child-free among us, the positive clichés that we hear from moms usually come off feeling pretty condescending and make us feel lesser-than. You have a way with words that uplift mothers without making the rest of us feel like we are missing out on something “essential” to life. You are wonderful, purposeful and we appreciate you so much.

Jeannie Baker
2023-04-30 02:01:17

Kaylee you absolutely shine not only as a mommy but as a woman. Sadie and Jordan are very blessed to have you, as you are to have them 💞 I love the life you’re both making for Sadie and your animal family😊

Al Swearengen
2023-04-29 21:21:10

Kaylee is an undisputed 10 !!

Carlos Ramirez
2023-04-29 17:39:45

Great update. It's been great following your journey. You're definitely doing a great job as a mom. And a great partner with Jordan. So much positive energy.

2023-04-29 04:25:49

It looks great!! Love the color

2023-04-29 04:22:42

Love watching your video. Looks like a simple calm life. Your daughter looks so much like her daddy. It's adorable. ❤

Marjorie Dybec
2023-04-29 03:23:47

That was such a wonderful message about your motherhood experience. TY.

Stephanie Mixon
2023-04-28 22:12:54

What a beautiful way to describe motherhood.

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