Our Panamanian Neighbors LAUGHED at us for THIS...

The Nomadic Movement

The Nomadic Movement

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Our Panamanian Neighbors LAUGHED at us for THIS...
Our Panamanian Neighbors LAUGHED at us for THIS...
Our Panamanian Neighbors LAUGHED at us for THIS...
Our Panamanian Neighbors LAUGHED at us for THIS...
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Jordan Hendrickson
2023-05-07 11:02:51

This title makes no sense with the content.

Syrus Sears
2023-04-18 03:27:43

Sadie's laugh at the end!

2023-04-10 23:27:12

Besides a nice water bottle, you should have a walk-in- talkie as well for backup for communication, and maybe a taser or police grade baton 🤷‍♂️

James Puente
2023-04-01 23:53:08

Just found y'all's channel! Super cool what you're doing! Keep going, excited to see how it turns out!

Charlene Green and Her Grumpy Old Marine
2023-03-30 04:12:13

I like how you find joy in every day simple things like concrete.

Laurie Baardse
2023-03-24 19:29:59

That view from the top of the mountain - WOW!

Craig Bailey
2023-03-22 14:49:12

Hello from the UK 🇬🇧

Jacquita Beddo
2023-03-19 17:07:42

Saddie is so bright and beautiful.

Tomasz Grebski
2023-03-19 16:13:42

She is so cute🥰

Amee Dennington
2023-03-18 18:24:02

I think we should start a go fund me for Jerry, so he can stay at the property.❤

Rikki Snipes
2023-03-18 04:18:10

Awww sweet Sadie girrrrrlllll.... I could just listen to you talk alllll day long!!! I cannot get enough of her previous little self!!!
Jordan, that looked like an absolutely AWE INSPIRING view from the top of the mountain!! Great job on that hike for sure!!! And Beautiful Kaylee.... girlfriennnnddd I cannot WAIT to see your new custom BadAssss Bath/Spa!!!

The Bearded FishBilly
2023-03-16 17:30:49

Ya'll are rich! Nice job and congrats. Hard work pays off. ❤️❤️❤️

Jolene Halsey
2023-03-16 12:09:31

Is Sadie going to have her own bedroom

Alannah Hickson
2023-03-14 22:41:00

I'm curious as to what juicer you have? I have a weird one I'm looking to replace!

K Band
2023-03-14 04:28:29

when do Sadie and Leo get to meet up and hang out ?!!

2023-03-13 14:17:05

your videos keep me fired up to tackle our set of problems with our land. seriously, you help a lot with keeping me goin

2023-03-13 13:16:19

the dutch girls story: found a boot with a human foot inside it, as well as a pelvic bone, and 33 scattered bones belonging to Kris and Lisanne were found by indigenous people in the area. The strange thing is that some of Kris’s bones were found bleached.

Dinah Reyes
2023-03-13 01:14:55

Try adding some fresh chopped basil, lime juice and a little sprinkle of salt with your watermelon juice. It's amazing! I love how much Sadie is talking! Adorable!

2023-03-12 07:12:45

What a beautiful view!! Sadie is sooooooo sweet! 2 questions are there any animals in your area to be afraid of and Mum will Sadie have a brother or sister one day?

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