PREPARING FOR A MONSOON // off grid in Panama

The Nomadic Movement

The Nomadic Movement

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PREPARING FOR A MONSOON // off grid in Panama
PREPARING FOR A MONSOON // off grid in Panama
PREPARING FOR A MONSOON // off grid in Panama
PREPARING FOR A MONSOON // off grid in Panama
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Carl Hursh
2023-06-22 14:41:51

Where is Rodrigo and his house?

Stacie Lynn
2023-05-27 04:10:09

love you alll....long way since leaving the old bus....fantastic yall....from 50 year old that would do it all over guys came out the gate straight and proper fro word you enthusiasm for life and life you have created by all you have touched

James Seltenreich
2023-05-07 03:56:31

Absolutely love your videos God Bless you all 🙏❤️

2023-05-06 20:51:04

Awesome stuff

Donna Dee
2023-04-29 16:49:16

Catching up. Sadie is sensational ❤ thanks for allowing us to watch her growth!

Karen Clarke
2023-04-26 17:19:24

Thank you for sharing

2023-04-22 01:36:17

Just found your channel. So much energy and laughter. 😀😀What a beautiful family living a life of pure enjoyment. Sadie is so adorable and will surly be a happy little farm girl. Is already!

2023-04-19 07:15:06

I was just wondering when you guys are gonna put your cement mixer on wheels so you can move it to where you need it? The trips with the wheel barrel has got to be getting old 😂!

Yolanda Villegas
2023-04-17 00:08:53

Best videos, best couple, beautiful family, you two rock and Sadie's personality and cuteness makes my day every time. Love you 🥰

2023-04-16 18:10:07

Now I can LuvU 2 times weekly 🥰

Punjab Seth
2023-04-16 12:25:44


Kyra Miller
2023-04-16 04:45:09

I love how excited Sadie got over the "Eeser Bunee"! :)

Michelle Marleau
2023-04-16 04:04:35

Such a beautiful lil family! ♥️

Mary McIntyre
2023-04-16 02:59:41

I love your official 'bleep' mooooo

Karen Hartt
2023-04-16 01:05:12

Love listening to Sadie talk. You are crushing it with her!!!

HomeEF 2021
2023-04-16 00:54:37

Oh my goshhh , your baby girl couldn’t be more adorable 🥰. Hello from Tennessee! 🤠

Sami Smith
2023-04-15 14:43:04

Do u realize what amazing humans u r? I am a light worker. An empath. I am a channeler. I see you all so happy and in love. There is no negative with you guys. Keep it that way and let your light shine.
Someday, I hope we meet. I do feel your energy daily. Love to u all.

The Adventures of Brock in Thailand
2023-04-15 11:40:28

Hey Jordan and kaylee and Baby Sadie and Lola, what a wonderful life you guys have made. Very envious of you guys finding it while you are still young. I'm 79 and living the dream here in Thailand. It's kinda like Panama but probably a little more rain maybe. This is Songkran Festival weekend and thats when the people stand out in the street and throw water on each other. It's a real fun time. It goes on for 3 days. Lol

2023-04-15 07:18:51

I Hope Grandma didn't make those off of real bills. That would be counterfeit then.
Just saying.

I love babies, they're so funny, so innocently real.

So where is the recipe for the cheese?

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